Ben Clifford was born in Dublin, Ireland in the year 1988.

In 2015, he wrote this sentence.

A lot happened in between.

Ben’s acting debut came at the age of 16 when he performed as John Proctor in a school production of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”. Throughout his school years, Ben continued to follow his passion as an actor, competing and performing in one-act festivals across Ireland.

Ben is an alumni of Trinity College Dublin, graduating in 2011 with a B.A. (Hons.) in Drama and Theatre Studies. During university, Ben performed in a multitude of plays and shorts. Most notably however, after a couple of years at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with “A Betrayal of Penguins”, Ben joined the writing team for the sketch group “No Pants Thursday”. With NPT, Ben wrote, performed and produced two five-star shows that debuted in Dublin and continued onto successful full runs at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Someone from the Cream of the Fringe was even lovely enough to write this about the 2012 NPT show, “‘Til Death Do Us Party”

“This show will have you amazed at the imagination of the cast,                                                 and wetting yourself when you hear their jokes. *****”

2013 saw Ben move away from Ireland and to the mystical land of Toronto, Canada. In Toronto, Ben busied himself starring in multiple shorts, acting on stage and performing as the lead in two gritty, crime-orientated features. It was here Ben also rediscovered his love of writing, penning two sitcom pilots, dabbing into poetry and directing shorts he’d written himself.

In 2015, Ben returned to Dublin where he currently resides.

“I wanna see Ben’s credits, a picture of his mug, take me to his “Reel, Headshots & CV“”.

“I’m looking for a voice artist, let me listen to his Audio Reel“. – @Benjour